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We Have Generated Tens of Thousands of Patients For These Treatments:

Because Our Headquarters Are In Portugal, We Can Afford To Hire Some of The Best Advertisers In The Country, And Still Manage To Offer Lower Rates Than Essentially Any Other Agency in Europe and the USA.

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Dental Implants

Our #1 specialty. Get more dental implant cases.


We generate Invisalign leads that can actually afford the treatment.


From children to grown-ups. We want to help you increase your braces sales.

Other Treatments...

Do you specialize in other treatments? Get in touch with us, and find out if we can also help with them!

Practices That Are Not Moving Forward, Are Moving Backwards

CEO – Tom S. Marques

It is no secret that anyone who does not sow, does not reap.

Henry Ford said it himself:

“Stopping a company’s advertising to save money is like stopping a clock to save time”.

Many entrepreneurs believe that expansion requires capital, but in reality, expansion precedes capital. Expansion requires courage. It requires facing fear. Capital is a consequence of growth, and the fear dividend.


The #1 Dental Marketing Company In Europe Has Arrived In The USA!

Without empty metrics, what we bring are (net) results.

At More Patients we value results above all else. Our ads are not the “funniest”, our designs are not the most creative. Our employees do not have pink hair, nor do we have ping-pong tables in the office. However, we do have ads that make money for our customers. We have satisfied clients that have worked with us for years. And more than that, we have a goal. To change the way dental practices sell.


Our Proprietary Method

It is not by accident that we get the best results.


The proprietary +Patients process consists of 3 different steps, which ensures consistent results. These 3 stages are adapted to each of the specialties we work with, and refined until we achieve excellent results in all campaigns. Although it is not possible to predict the future, our goal is to always have results 10X higher than the budget you invest with us. That is, for every 100 pounds you spend advertising with us, we want to bring you 1000 pounds in return!

We Work Together With You

We are your marketing department. 

At +Patients we do not measure the results of campaigns for generated leads, or “clicks”. Success equals sales. This means that we are not going to help you just make ads on the internet. We know how complicated it is to teach your team to sell, we will perfect or even create a call handling guide for your reception. If your team doesn’t know how to sell, we teach! And if necessary, our executive team can help you to systematize your company’s sales process.

You Are My Favorite Supplier

In the over 20 years I have been running my dental practices, I always dreaded meetings with suppliers. They either bring me new problems to solve, or new bills to pay. But More Patients is different. I look forward to our meetings. More Patients is the only supplier that makes us money, and helps us solve problems, instead of creating them […]

Dr. Rui Pereira – Rident Dental Practices


Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you can consult the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Where do the ads go?

The main platforms we use are Facebook and YouTube, however, the platform to use will depend on your target customer and industry.

What if my customers don't use Social Media?

There are billions of active users on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in Europe. Last year tens of thousands of European residents over the age of 65 contacted our customers for the placement of dental implants .. Over the internet! Your customers use social networks:)

Why you?

How many first appointments can I expect per month?

Naturally, this value will vary depending on several factors, from the location of the offices, to your brand, but most of our clients make about 30-50 new first appointments, per month.

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